Oak Leaf Leather

Oak Leaf Leather grew out of a desire to create. Chris wanted to create functional and fashionable products that withstand time; leather is a proven material for this. It is his belief that creativity is a constant process of change, which is what Oak Leaf Leather is. As with any business, help is needed from others, which is why when thinking about hiring someone his goal is to hire stay at home parents who could benefit from work and continue to foster a healthy family. His heart goes into the items he makes so when you get an item from Oak Leaf, you are getting a product which has been tried, toiled with, created with care and desire for a quality handmade product. This is done through quality craftsmanship, good communication with the customer, and proper planning.

The Goods :: leather goods including beverage covers and small leather accessories.

more :: @oakleafleather and at oakleafleather.com